Captivating Sunsets Art Collection

For at least one second, a sunset can capture you in a moment of awe. When we look at a sunset, this strange strenght touches our hearts and captures our imagination. As if we can almost hear a voice inviting us to a place of eternal peace and beauty, a sunset can perform a concert of colors in the sky above us. This is the idea that Isabella Garaffa captivates through vibrant colors and defining contrast. Nothing can be more unique than to carry a handbag that can speak for itself. Be fabulously unique! Your fancy treasure with GaraffaGalli.


All paintings on these handbags are the originals created by artist Isabella Garaffa. They are meticulously done by hand using acrylics and mixed media. All paintings are heat seated and coated for protection. Should you stain it by accident, clean it with a slightly wet cloth. We are not held responsible for damages done to the paintings that are beyond our quality assurance.