There is a reason why we call it an Art Satchel. GaraffaGalli gives you the opportunity to not just own a luxurious, high-end exclusive handbag, with the best quality materials. But to be an art collector. Each Art Satchel, is meticulously made in New York City just for you with a piece of art that you get to chose from our different Art Collections. And the one artwork that you choose to buy, will be only yours and nobody else's. Completely unique! So is kind of like you are carrying your favorite painting, in this luxurious handbag wherever you go! All the art is created and painted by hand by the artist and creator of this company, Isabella Garaffa, using fabrics with the professional line of Golden acrylics. This is then dried and heat-seated for protection against the sun, UV and the fading out of colors. So if you are a little clumsy like me and accidentally spell some coffee on it, wipe it off like you would with your favorite pair of jeans! (just don't ever put it in the washer). If you pre-order yours today, this beautiful Art Satchel will be ready by Christmas time! Remember, this is not just a handbag that you are buying, you are buying exclusive art on a handbag.