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Inspired by the hot air balloons in Snowmass Village, where artist Isabella Garaffa lives, she brings you something very different to be the center of attention in your home. By exaggerating contrasts and intense colors, when you look at this painting long enough, you can almost see the balloon rising up as the clouds are moving in the sky above. The morning light is slightly making it's entrance and inviting the shadows to go away, with contrasting blacks and dark greens. The image of the balloon is put in between layers of more abstract composition, where words written with permanent sharpies and markers tell a much deeper story. This division between real and abstract, represents the world we live by and the world we believe in. The image represents the reality of our daily lives, while the abstract represents that inner search for meaning, purpose, hope, etc. Let this painting come alive today as it beautifies that room in your house you love!

- Acrylics on Linen canvas

- Size 40 in x 30 in. Deep gallery profile 1 1/2 in. 

- Contemporary style, not framed. All edges are complete and finished. 

- Ready to hang on wall. 

- This painting is ready to be shipped. Shipping is included within continental U.S 

- Shipping comes in a special art wooden crate box, customized specifically for this artwork.