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This painting comes alive as the geese fly over a landscape of snow melting away, giving birth to the first signs of spring in the Rocky mountains. The sky in the background is vividly reflecting the sun as it starting to go down on the opposite side. The mountains peaks shine with a glow that makes them come alive. As the girl on the left is walking, she is amazed by this moment of extravagant beauty and all she can think of is how amazing this is. The words written with permanent sharpies and markers, represent the thoughts that are going through her mind, caught up in a moment where it feels like time is remaining still. A sense of eternity and incomparable beauty takes hold of this sunset, and everything present in this painting is united in a song of worship. Everything in the painting is so detailed, almost as if the painting on itself is the vision of the eyes of someone so much bigger, so much higher than this landscape. He is the author of it all, and as every living creature on this majestic scene comes alive, they all reflect the beauty of the Creator. And they become who they worship. Bring your walls alive with this unique piece of Fine Contemporary Artwork by artist Isabella Garaffa.

- Acrylic on Linen canvas. 

- Size 36 in x 48 in. Deep profile 1 1/2 in. 

- Contemporary style, not framed. All edges are complete and  finished.

- Ready to hang on wall. 

- This ships on a crater wooden art box, customized specifically for this  artwork. 

- Ready to ship. Shipping included within continental U.S.